Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My first blog post on my own blog and here I am with a toothbrush review. This is a product I received for free in order to give my honest opinion on from bzzagent recently. They were generous enough to even supply me with a toothpaste which I'll be reviewing later on as well. Overall the two items were a positive experience and I am happy with them both. But to continue on with this review of the toothbrush which was the Oral- B Pro Health Pulsar toothbrush, I am happily going to say how much I liked this for oral hygiene. The toothbrush is made in the style of brush I'm used to, but the part I wasn't very used to was the pulsing massage vibration to it.

There are two little buttons on the brush handle that are going to let you turn the massage action on and off. There is not a very loud sounding noise to it either, you can brush your teeth in almost complete silence. I am just not going to say you can use the battery forever which is not that surprising, after three months of normal usage it should be the right time to get a new one anyways.

The battery is only a three month kind. I think that is ample enough time in my opinion for a battery like it has. After that you can either change the battery or get a new one of this if you really tried it out and loved it. I am going to probably stick to my regular brushes after this one is out of battery power though. They are only a dollar in the dollar store and this one costs a little more for my liking. I don't think I have a bad placque problem though. If you do you might want to keep on using it so your dental check ups will be less of a hassle perhaps.

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