Sunday, August 6, 2017

A lot going on in my life right now with a summer change of residence, however most arrows pointing to it being temporary here in Michigan for now. I'm happy to report that I have had no injuries requiring bandaging. That might not be a good thing when you're a product review blogger who just received a bunch of Curad SOOTHEPLUS in the mail. But nevertheless I'm going to try and tell you just how pleased I am with just being aware the items exist in case of emergency need. I have explored them and checked them out as much as I possibly can, and it seems they are the real deal as far as first aide. The old product brand (Not naming names here)I used to use was just too plain and simple. You'll feel much more cared for and pampered you after using Curad Sootheplus bandages, gauze, non-stick pads, and paper tape. I would never go back to using plain simple bandages.
Curad Sensitive skin paper tape is actually quite hypoallergenic and not irritating like some first aide tapes can be. Pleased and happy to know it is there when the need arises. It is easy to peel off and cut off when you've decided you have enough for your wound. I have particulary sensitive skin and it gets to the point where I don't like anything like first aide tape on me, but this time I'm happy with what I see so far. Anything hypoallergenic I seem to need nowadays. I love the paper feel of it and how it is on my skin. Nothing like having no red mark after peeling it away when it's not needed anymore. Kudos to Curad for caring about us sensitive folks and how we need special products to live more comfortably, not out of choice but by necessity.
The medium rolled gauze is for bandaging areas around an arm or leg for example, sometimes that's the case with more severe wounds. I have 5 medium rolls in this one package that are sealed until the need for their use arises. It measures 3 inches by 2.5 yards in length which is a generously sized amount for wrapping. Again, it will eliminate any odor causing bacteria because of the added feature of baking soda right in the gauze which I find to be amazing. Arm & Hammer baking soda so you know this is a quality product through and through. I feel soothed already and never had to use them yet. Reassurance is in the making in case something happens that we never really anticipate or need. Large sized gauze pads are for the bigger wounds as well, they have 25 to a box which is generous. You could use them for a wound such after a small operation if the need calls for that. The bacteria that comes from those types of wounds and odor can be worse than just a wound caused by a simple but larger cut but in case you have either it's good to have around for them both. These are 4 x 4 in in size so they are fairly big.
The Curad Sootheplus medium non-stick pads are 10 to a package and 3 x 4 in size. They have a glossy feel to them rather unlike the gauze has, so they are sure to not stick to any wound. I like the fact they don't stick because sometimes a regular gauze pad does and have you ever tried to pull it off a wound? Ouchie, that hurts! Again, these are also fortified with a nice sprinkle of baking soda already in the product so you can be sure they keep everything fresh and odor-free when in use for some types of wounds. I can tell these will be easy to use with the paper tape from Curad, they just seem like a dream come true for anyone who happens to be accident prone or not. I'm not a nurse but would use these anytime they are needed. If you have little ones around or the elderly they will appreciate the TLC especially.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

So here is my latest goody that I was sent in order to give my honest review. Thank you Influenster! I love these beauty products but it's been awhile since I have had one to review. This one is called Loreal PARIS Revitalift and it was in one of the voxbox deals they gave me. I'm happy to say I loved this product. The smell is very nice, you could go without using any perfume when you use it. There is this thick texture and creaminess of the product that soaks into your skin easily without the feel of greasiness. I noticed almost instantly how it makes my skin feel if using it as directed which is twice a day (morning and night). It has moisturizing componants that leave my neck and face feeling softer and more younger than ever beofre. There is no residue or stickiness related to this beauty regimen either. I have only favorable things to say. I felt honored to have goten to try it because my aging skin isn't what it used to be at age 54 next month. I need a little help now and then to make me younger. My neck especially has some wrinkles on it but not while using LOREAL REVITALIST. I'm impressed and really proud of the fact that I took the Revistalist challenge and each time it got better and better as far as the results on day one, 7th and 14th. I hope to continue to use it for best results.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Silk brand Protein nut milk tastes so much better than cow's milk. If you need to avoid dairy I recommend it. There is a slightly nutty taste of the cashew in this one I tried in order to give my honest review from Crowdtap recently. I have tried many types of Silk brand milk before and this one is definetly one of my favorites now. It has more protein in it ao it is a good source of that for a meal replacement added to some smoothie ingredients or even to have on it's own. You can go the savory route and add it to soups, or sweeten your muffins or banana bread that you would normally use regular milk in.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Reviewing French's DIJON mustard with CHARDONNAY. The fact that this mustard is gluten-free really did make my eyes light up, as I'm pretty much gluten sensitive these days to many foods. I have been trying to look at all the labels now as to what is purchased so I don't have another round of reactions that are not very pleasant. So far it's been working for me and haven't been as sick as I was last year now. This mustard is really great. I feel lucky to be able to try it from where I got it from which is Crowdtap. They sent me a full size bottle of this baby which is 12 ounces. And the spiciness was actually scary at first. Turns out it doesn't bother my tummy as much as I thought it would either and it tastes soooo good. I have to use it to the last drop now. The CHARDONNAY doesn't really bother me either way if it in or not.

I can deal with a little cooking wine here and there in anything such as this too. The mustard is just my favorite now,being it's not as bland as other mustards to me. I used this first as a dip for my chicken tenders, mixed with honey and it was eye popping delicious. Really felt great to have some spice in my life so to speak again. Turmeric is also in this which is healthy and very good for inflammatory illnesses. It has Feeding America labelled on it so it can't be all that bad either for the fact it represents a 9 cent donation to every bottle sold to that charity. Hunger relief is such an important issue that should never be forgotten.I am in love with this mustard and it will be in use at per week in my household, You can mix it in your dips, put it on your sandwiches or make up some of your own fabulous recipes everyone will love! Yummo.