Friday, November 4, 2016

OK, this was a free full sized product that I received from Crowdtap. I really was anticipating it. I love most any peanut butter brands, although it is not the norm that we buy. I will even eat dollar store brands, no problem. I tried this one and it was so different from regular peanut butter no matter which brand. The cinnamon and peanut butter flavour is okay. I didn't go bonkers over it though. I might not ever in the future either. I'm not going to waste this jar though, and throw it away because it tastes good with my three ingredient cookie recipe! I do eat this on a rice cake like my other nut butters too for now. I am just not going to go out and buy it again like I have with other free trials that I have come across from any sites. I tend to want to try the Maple peanut butter though that Jif puts out, that one seems interesting to me! I can't get used to the taste of the cinnamon here and I do love cinnamon otherwise. I am happy I got to try this before buying it, and think that the opportunity was amazing. Anything that arrives in the mail free to try is awesome. I love most of what I get. I was just thinking this one wasn't my favorite afterall.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I received this set of RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Eye Cream and RoC® MULTI CORREXION® 5-in-1 Restoring Night Cream for free from Crowdtap in order to give my honest review. I was really happy with the results. I use the eye cream under my eyes before I go to bed at night. Then I wake up ith no puffiness anymore as far as that goes and the dark circles seem to be diminishing already after just over a week of use every night. I know I have much more time with that though and I have confidence it will help me more.

The restoring night cream goes on my neck in upward strokes before I go to bed. In order to not make my skin worse, it's important to use those upward strokes. The smell is amazing and I feel like I've pampered myself silly when using this cream. The feel is not heavy and the greasiness is not that bad either. In fact I only feel moisturizing action and no grease at all.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Silk® Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative was a product I got to try for free for my honest review from Crowdtap recently. The whole experience was a pleasant surprise. I ended up really loving the taste and texture of this yogurt. Not only is it delicious but it has no dairy in it at all so if you're vegan this is a simple easy alternative to that. Those who just love the taste of vegan foods now and then will also be happy with it so don't limit yourself to the same thing all the time. You just might be surprised on how good some things are if you haven't tried them yet. I go the vanilla flavour which is really light and just right. I mixed this in with a banana in the blender recently and then added some frozen blueberries on top that I had in the freezer. Then there were some nut crisps I had around so I put that into the drink as well to make it look even prettier. It was sooo good. There is nothing I didn't like about this product so go ahead and try one for yourself!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Influenster GoddessVoxBox was a great surprise when I received it in the mail. I was told via email by the site that it would be arriving. I was happy and excited. I got it and the contents never disappointed. I got a list of things that I will provide here.

1.Cutex Nail Polish Remover Pads~ great for removing nail polish. I love the brand and it's always been dependable for many years. The individually wrapped pads are very easy to take with you on the go.

2. SinfulColors Nail Polish ~ I got this in a mauve-like colour. I was hesitant at first at what it would look like but wound up loving it on my nails. I wish I had a better manicure but I did use the shade and it is good for a base coat for other addictions to your nails or you can leave it as it is.

3.Always Pads~ These are great. They have wings and for heavy to light days. I am impressed with the way they protect against leakage and they have a light wonderful scent to them. Packaging is very pretty!

4.Pantene Expert shampoo and conditioner ~ What can I say, I always love Pantene no matter what kidn of product they put out. They just keep getting better and better with their new line of items. These really do hydrate my dry locks. I love how the scent makes my hair smell as well. Shiny and soft hair at my age of 53 can be difficult but this brand never fails me.

5.Dickinson's Witch Hazel~ This was my biggest discovery as far as products that surprised me how good they really were. I have used witch hazel before but a different brand. My grandmother always used it. This brand is amazing, it never leaves your skin dry at all. Softness is left behind only on your skin and the scent is so much better than plain old other brands.

6.Downy fresh protect laundry beads~ These made my laundry smell very nice. I threw the beads in with the regular detergent and the powerful aroma of both scents was really good on the senses. Love the concept of this!

7.eBates coupon ~ I have heard of this site. I have not done anything with the coupon sad to say but maybe will look into it eventually...

Friday, July 29, 2016

Cutex is a brand of nail polish remover that is dependable and easy to use. These are a free set that I got from Influenster for my honest review. I love the way you can just rip open a packet and use the remover to take off the colour of your nails anywhere with these packets. They are handy to have around. But the bottles are also good to have if you frequently use this kind of remover. It doeshave that nail polish remover scent to it, but it's not over the top. I needed two sheets of these to remove the two layers of nail polish I had one with a lot of pressure on them. So you need to work at getting the polish off, which is typical and not unusual for any polish remover. I did enjoy getting to try these out and would use them again and again. I would also recommend this brand to all because I'm familiar with it. Have used Cutex many times over the years and it always works for me.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Here we have some Hill’s® Science Diet® Healthy Cuisine cat food up for review. The two pictures are from two different cats. The one of the cat eating is happy with the food, she is one year old and a semi-feral that lives outside only. These cats usually eat everything you give them. I was slightly hesitant to give them this because my vet said cats don't really need any vegetables in their food (nor fruits in their diet either). This one has carrots and spinach but little Shiva doesn't seem to mind. It doesn't seem to make her ill either.

The other cat is my older cat who lives inside only. She is the more finickier cat we have and just didn't seem interested in this type of food. I tried it with her twice and both times refused to eat it. I can only go by what their reaction were and a little background into their lives. I would recommend it if your cat tries it and likes it without any adverse side effects. Otherwise maybe it's just not the right food for the cat.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Splenda Zero calorie sweetener has some really good features. For one thing it's free from calories as it states. It is also in this handy little tube for me as I got it free to try for my honest review from Crowdtap, so it can fit in my purse while on the go or just sit on the counter or somewhere I need it at home. The taste is very good, it tastes like you would use any other real sweetener like refined sugar only it has no caloric content.

The fact that some people might shy away from it because of the risk of health problems is just something that isn't overly a problem. People buy their zero calorie sweeteners anyways and in this case so will I because I don't have any side effects from this product. I love it. I love the brightly colored packaging that helps it stand out. I love the colour, and the way it just is so easy to use.

Nutchello! It sounds like an Italian pasta or some other exciting culinary dish doesn't it? It's certainly exciting to be able to have gotten to try it, and for my honest review I received this for free from Crowdtap recently. It is soooo good. I might say that I had three choices as to which one I could get but then again my store only had this one. It's a pity because I might have tried the others first. It's okay though because trying this flavour has made me want to try the others one day if they happen to be on sale and they do have them in.

I love these kind of drinks. It is very different from cow's milk. I love how they have the same Silk touch in this one just with the addition of the caramel, now that is so different. I can taste the caramel more than any almonds or cashews in fact. The fact cashews and almonds are in it is what really made me hope for this one to try. My hopes came true and it ended well. Yummy drink! No regrets on anything concerning Silk.

In other news....

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Tide purclean is a wonderful product that was given to me to try for my honest review from the good folks at Crowdtap the other week. I was really happy to get these samples. I love laundry stuff like that. I was not let down on the way this product worked either. I was actually ecstatic of the way it got lots of stains out of the clothes I had in the wash the first time I used it. I didn't expect it to work that good. But it did, and I'm happy with it.

The eco-friendly lavendar honey formula was really outstanding to experience. This is a product I'm really going to have to recommend to everyone who is looking for a new item for their clothes that really and truely works. I suggest the makers of this product never to change anything. It's perfect as is.

This product got out stains that were three times set in the same spot in one article of clothing. It was really the best laundry detergent I have ever used. It has this light scent that is really clean and fresh. Your laundry will be perfectly clean and you'll be confident your family will love it too. You can't tell it has the honey scent in it, but there is a light scent of lavendar. I did give a few friends a few of my samples but they didn't want to be on camera, so I couldn't take their pictures but they said they loved it too for the record.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Recently I got to try two boxes of these always radiant FlexFoam pads. I have one from Crowdtap and one from Influenster. So this blog covers both sites at the same time which is time saving. These pads are really cool to use. They come with a pretty design and colour on the outside before you open them. You can discreetly add them to whatever it is you carry them in and take them with you on the go, They are lightly scented with a very nice smell to them. I prefer unscented as a rule but for this time I don't mind. They are thin but hold 10 times their weight so you know you can rest assured on those heavier flow days. These are regular with flexiwings, and those wings are really neat to have. They keep the leaks out better than if there were no wings on them. Very clever whoever invented that part. I have had no experiences with these leaking at all. There is a generous amount of 15 pads so you can be sure to have plenty on hand.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

First off I received this product as a free sample and for that free sample I was to leave an honest review of it on their site where they sent it to me from. I have yet to do that there because of the time frame they give us. We have to wait a certain amount of time before the reviews are active. So instead right now I'm going to post it here. It is from the maker's of Nyquil.

This is one thing I never really requested from them as I already have my own sleep aid that I use that sometimes works. It is a more natural supplement than this over the counter type of sleep aid which I normally stay clear of ever since I took Tylenol night time sleep aide. This is because I don't like the side effects that some of those have. This time though it didn't have a whole lot of side effects though, although one thing did bother me.

That was the fact that when I closed my eyes at one point after 2-3 hours there was some flashing light happening, and I do have some underlying other eye problems. So that could have stemmed from that and the results not typical. Then there was a long time before it ever started to feel like it was working. I felt rather "dopey" rather than sleepy when the natural product shows some signs of working that way. I only had one dose of this, two pills to take at once. So I can't say afterward how much they would have worked on me again.

This one time though was not overly well. I would not buy this in the store for myself again. It just didn't do anything for me really. The product is not to be confused with Nyquil and it is not for use treating a cold or flu. The title is different as you can see. Be careful taking any over the counter medicine if you have certain health concerns, also.

Sometimes it has the info on the label about that so you should read the labels. These are the liquicaps and they say they are non-habit forming. They contain Diphenhydramine HCI. I have a coupon for $2.00 off my next purchase of it but it wouldn't be worth it to me this time. It might work differently for others, this is just my review.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My first blog post on my own blog and here I am with a toothbrush review. This is a product I received for free in order to give my honest opinion on from bzzagent recently. They were generous enough to even supply me with a toothpaste which I'll be reviewing later on as well. Overall the two items were a positive experience and I am happy with them both. But to continue on with this review of the toothbrush which was the Oral- B Pro Health Pulsar toothbrush, I am happily going to say how much I liked this for oral hygiene. The toothbrush is made in the style of brush I'm used to, but the part I wasn't very used to was the pulsing massage vibration to it.

There are two little buttons on the brush handle that are going to let you turn the massage action on and off. There is not a very loud sounding noise to it either, you can brush your teeth in almost complete silence. I am just not going to say you can use the battery forever which is not that surprising, after three months of normal usage it should be the right time to get a new one anyways.

The battery is only a three month kind. I think that is ample enough time in my opinion for a battery like it has. After that you can either change the battery or get a new one of this if you really tried it out and loved it. I am going to probably stick to my regular brushes after this one is out of battery power though. They are only a dollar in the dollar store and this one costs a little more for my liking. I don't think I have a bad placque problem though. If you do you might want to keep on using it so your dental check ups will be less of a hassle perhaps.