Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Here we have some Hill’s® Science Diet® Healthy Cuisine cat food up for review. The two pictures are from two different cats. The one of the cat eating is happy with the food, she is one year old and a semi-feral that lives outside only. These cats usually eat everything you give them. I was slightly hesitant to give them this because my vet said cats don't really need any vegetables in their food (nor fruits in their diet either). This one has carrots and spinach but little Shiva doesn't seem to mind. It doesn't seem to make her ill either.

The other cat is my older cat who lives inside only. She is the more finickier cat we have and just didn't seem interested in this type of food. I tried it with her twice and both times refused to eat it. I can only go by what their reaction were and a little background into their lives. I would recommend it if your cat tries it and likes it without any adverse side effects. Otherwise maybe it's just not the right food for the cat.

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