Sunday, July 3, 2016

First off I received this product as a free sample and for that free sample I was to leave an honest review of it on their site where they sent it to me from. I have yet to do that there because of the time frame they give us. We have to wait a certain amount of time before the reviews are active. So instead right now I'm going to post it here. It is from the maker's of Nyquil.

This is one thing I never really requested from them as I already have my own sleep aid that I use that sometimes works. It is a more natural supplement than this over the counter type of sleep aid which I normally stay clear of ever since I took Tylenol night time sleep aide. This is because I don't like the side effects that some of those have. This time though it didn't have a whole lot of side effects though, although one thing did bother me.

That was the fact that when I closed my eyes at one point after 2-3 hours there was some flashing light happening, and I do have some underlying other eye problems. So that could have stemmed from that and the results not typical. Then there was a long time before it ever started to feel like it was working. I felt rather "dopey" rather than sleepy when the natural product shows some signs of working that way. I only had one dose of this, two pills to take at once. So I can't say afterward how much they would have worked on me again.

This one time though was not overly well. I would not buy this in the store for myself again. It just didn't do anything for me really. The product is not to be confused with Nyquil and it is not for use treating a cold or flu. The title is different as you can see. Be careful taking any over the counter medicine if you have certain health concerns, also.

Sometimes it has the info on the label about that so you should read the labels. These are the liquicaps and they say they are non-habit forming. They contain Diphenhydramine HCI. I have a coupon for $2.00 off my next purchase of it but it wouldn't be worth it to me this time. It might work differently for others, this is just my review.

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