Monday, July 18, 2016

Splenda Zero calorie sweetener has some really good features. For one thing it's free from calories as it states. It is also in this handy little tube for me as I got it free to try for my honest review from Crowdtap, so it can fit in my purse while on the go or just sit on the counter or somewhere I need it at home. The taste is very good, it tastes like you would use any other real sweetener like refined sugar only it has no caloric content.

The fact that some people might shy away from it because of the risk of health problems is just something that isn't overly a problem. People buy their zero calorie sweeteners anyways and in this case so will I because I don't have any side effects from this product. I love it. I love the brightly colored packaging that helps it stand out. I love the colour, and the way it just is so easy to use.

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