Monday, July 18, 2016

Nutchello! It sounds like an Italian pasta or some other exciting culinary dish doesn't it? It's certainly exciting to be able to have gotten to try it, and for my honest review I received this for free from Crowdtap recently. It is soooo good. I might say that I had three choices as to which one I could get but then again my store only had this one. It's a pity because I might have tried the others first. It's okay though because trying this flavour has made me want to try the others one day if they happen to be on sale and they do have them in.

I love these kind of drinks. It is very different from cow's milk. I love how they have the same Silk touch in this one just with the addition of the caramel, now that is so different. I can taste the caramel more than any almonds or cashews in fact. The fact cashews and almonds are in it is what really made me hope for this one to try. My hopes came true and it ended well. Yummy drink! No regrets on anything concerning Silk.

In other news....

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