Monday, July 11, 2016

Recently I got to try two boxes of these always radiant FlexFoam pads. I have one from Crowdtap and one from Influenster. So this blog covers both sites at the same time which is time saving. These pads are really cool to use. They come with a pretty design and colour on the outside before you open them. You can discreetly add them to whatever it is you carry them in and take them with you on the go, They are lightly scented with a very nice smell to them. I prefer unscented as a rule but for this time I don't mind. They are thin but hold 10 times their weight so you know you can rest assured on those heavier flow days. These are regular with flexiwings, and those wings are really neat to have. They keep the leaks out better than if there were no wings on them. Very clever whoever invented that part. I have had no experiences with these leaking at all. There is a generous amount of 15 pads so you can be sure to have plenty on hand.

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