Friday, November 4, 2016

OK, this was a free full sized product that I received from Crowdtap. I really was anticipating it. I love most any peanut butter brands, although it is not the norm that we buy. I will even eat dollar store brands, no problem. I tried this one and it was so different from regular peanut butter no matter which brand. The cinnamon and peanut butter flavour is okay. I didn't go bonkers over it though. I might not ever in the future either. I'm not going to waste this jar though, and throw it away because it tastes good with my three ingredient cookie recipe! I do eat this on a rice cake like my other nut butters too for now. I am just not going to go out and buy it again like I have with other free trials that I have come across from any sites. I tend to want to try the Maple peanut butter though that Jif puts out, that one seems interesting to me! I can't get used to the taste of the cinnamon here and I do love cinnamon otherwise. I am happy I got to try this before buying it, and think that the opportunity was amazing. Anything that arrives in the mail free to try is awesome. I love most of what I get. I was just thinking this one wasn't my favorite afterall.


  1. I wouldn't buy it but I'm sure some people love it. (What I miss is old-style JFG peanut butter, which came in reusable glass quart jars my mother recycled when canning vegetables, and tasted *just* like salted peanuts. No sugar, no syrup, no honey, no maple, no cinnamon; just peanuts and salt. Yum.)

    1. Me too. These days there's all kinds of mixtures and all kinds of nut butters also. Too much of a variety maybe?